Superpark Dachstein to Close Doors this Fall

Big air on the slopes of Superpark Dachstein during the Oakley Rook Battle
Big air on the slopes of Superpark Dachstein during the Oakley Rook Battle
Photo by Superpark Dachstein


According to a recent Instagram post from Superpark Dachstein, in Austria, it seems as if the summer snowboarding spot will no longer be unlocking its doors during the hot summer months. Superpark Dachstein will now be the second big summer camp to shut down this year due to decreasing snow packs. The resort has had appearances from numerous boarders such as Max Zebe, Anna Gasser, and Marko Grilc. The resort cites reoccurring glacial retreat as its reason for closing.

Owned and operated by Planai-Hochwurzen-Bahnen, the park has been operating since 2002. Both Austria and a large portion of Europe have been served by the park through its summer sessions. On July 25, Max Zebe, a European boarder on the Burton Kilroy team, created a post on Instagram briefly describing his feelings on the park closure.

Both leaders of the snowboarding industry and boarders alike have been providing thanks to the Dachstein staff and their personal memories of the park over its fifteen year operation.


Official Statement from Superpark Dachstein

“In the last weeks there have been repeated rumors about the future of the Superpark Dachstein. Please notice the official statement of the park´s operator, the Planai-Hochwurzen-Bahnen: ‘After many great years of Superpark on the Dachstein glacier, we’ve heavy-heartedly decided that we will not rebuild Dachstein Superpark in the upcoming fall. One important reason is the increasing glacial retreat in the park area. It is definitely unjustifiable that we were already forced to damage the glacial ice sheet during the build-up. It’s the dictate of the moment to preserve the glacial substance. We ask you to understand the justified criticism of environmentalists. We most cordially thank all our loyal guests. Needless to say, we will again put all our force and dedication into Superpark Planai. The regular ski operation will start in fall with the first onset of winter. The same holds true for the cross-country ski trail.’”


Additional information regarding the closing can be found here, from Superpark Dachstein.

Article sourced from Transworld Snowboarding