Snowboarding How-To: The Nollie

Pole jam nollie by Steve Sikora
Photo by Steve Sikora


A nollie is a variation of the basic ollie. It is done by riding forward, in the stance that is most comfortable for you, and popping the nose of your board downwards to get air. Long story short, a nollie is pretty much a nose-ollie. With that being said, we highly recommend learning how to nollie on a snowboard only after mastering the ollie. Once you have learned the ollie you will find that learning the nollie, among many other tricks, will be a lot easier. Here are the steps that you will need to know in order to land your first nollie.


Steps to Learning the Nollie:

1.) Ride forward as you would for an ollie, then load your weight onto you front foot.


2.) Use the loaded weight and momentum of your board to pop your nose downwards into the ground.


3.) Use the spring effect of your board to pop into the air.


4.) Suck both of your knees up as close as you can towards your chest.


5.) Prepare to land by straightening your legs out evenly.


6.) As you land, absorb the impact by bending your knees and riding forward.


What Next?

Unlike the ollie, the nollie may not take you as long to learn as you will already be comfortable with the feeling of getting air. However, the nollie is tricky in that you are using your non-dominant foot to perform the move; this may take some getting used to. Practice the nollie at a slow speed on a small slope until you get used to the feeling of popping the nose of your board downwards. After you learn the nollie, you will come to find that your balance and feel for the board will have improved. This movement will be the basis for many other awesome tricks in the future, so take your time and master it as best as you can!