Snowboarding How-To: The Ollie

Tom Zittel Snowboard Ollie
Photo by Tom Zittel


After learning how to balance, carve, and press on your snowboard the next basic trick that you should learn is the ollie. The ollie is the foundation to learning many advanced snowboarding tricks and getting more air on jumps. Created by the skateboarder, Alan Ollie, the ollie is done by loading your weight onto your back foot, popping the tail downwards while simultaneously lifting your front foot into the air, and sucking up your knees towards your chest. Listed below are the exact steps that you will want to take when practicing the ollie on your snowboard.


Steps to Learning the Ollie:

1.) While riding forward, use your front foot to drive weight towards your back foot.


2.) As you begin to load all of the weight onto your back foot, begin to pull your front foot up and load the tail like a spring. A combination of the springing motion of your tail and the height of your front foot will allow for your board to go higher.


3.) Use the spring effect of your board to pop into the air.


4.) As you gain air, pull both of your knees up towards your chest in a balanced motion, as if you are sitting in a chair… an air chair.


5.) Prepare to land by straightening your legs out evenly.


6.) As you land, absorb the impact by bending your knees and riding forward.


What Next?

The ollie takes practice but over time you will learn it and figure out ways to make your ollie even higher. After you learn the basic flatground ollie, try to do it while moving faster, then do it off of a small jump or off of a box. Once you feel more comfortable doing the ollie consider learning more tricks such as the nollie or backside and frontside 180; the limits to what you can do are endless.