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    • General Discussion
      A section where you can discuss a variety of things from new snowboards to product releases or nightlife off of the slopes. Here is where you can connect with other users of The Snowboard Forum and discuss whatever you would like.
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    • Off The Slopes
      Taking time off of the slopes and away from all of the action? What do you choose to do in this time? Use this forum to discuss nightlife and non-snowboarding related activities that you do in order to recover from a hard day of shredding.
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    • Product Talk
      Here is where you can talk about product and gear. Do you have an item that you NEED to have in your arsenal? Discuss what you like or don't like about a certain product or brand. Talk about what companies can improve about their product or what hacks you use to make a certain product work for you. All product talk is welcome here.
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    • Spot Check
      Have a dope spot or a favorite resort that you like to shred? Talk about it here so other people can check it out and share their experiences in the area. You don't necessarily need to give up the location of your spot, if you don't want to, but you can throw up some pictures or footage of the spot to show fellow boarders what they are missing out on.
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