What is the Best Snowboarding Gear for You?

Snowboarder, wearing new gear, looking out on top of slopes
Photo by Paul Stewart


As a beginner to snowboarding you may be wondering what exactly you should be looking for when purchasing new gear. Maybe you aren’t a beginner and you have been snowboarding for a very long time but you are still unsure of how to find the gear that is right for your riding style. Though there are a large amounts of gear to purchase and a wide variety of companies to choose from in the snowboarding world, let’s first start with the basic gear and what are some of the best known snowboarding companies in the industry:

  1. Burton Snowboards
  2. Rome Snowboards 
  3. Forum Snowboards (Discontinued)
  4. Ride Snowboards 

Picking a Company

In snowboarding, sometimes the company that you choose is the company that fits your personality, your style, and your budget. Many times companies specialize and make a little better of one specific product than another company but these companies are the most well-rounded out of many other companies. Burton Snowboards is known by many, in the snowboarding community, to be the kind of all manufacturers. Although the products that Burton produces can be expensive, they have continuously been proven to be great products. Most of the time, the gear produced by Burton is top notch; allowing you to hold a sound mind and no regrets after purchasing it.

Created in 2001, thus having only been around for a few years, Rome Snowboards has proven to be another great company. Rome Snowboards actually was started when a few of the designers for Burton Snowboards decided to part ways with Burton. Soon after leaving, these designers went on to develop their own company, “Rome”. When looking for great snowboards, realize that Rome makes top of the line snowboards that are usually a little cheaper than their competitors.

Forum Snowboards and Ride Snowboards also produce superior snowboarding gear. Forum Snowboards is known in the community for its great boards and boots, but the company recently dissolved within recent years. The boards created by Forum allowed for the bindings to be moved very quickly, catering best to riders who snowboard on different types of terrain. Although Forum no longer produces new products, their past lines of products can be found all over the internet. Ride Snowboards is also a great company that makes premium snowboard gear that can usually be found for a cheaper price than that of their competitors.

Selecting a Board

Once you have found the company that best fits you, the next step is going to be finding the correct type of board and gear. There are freestyle boards, alpine boards, and all-mountain boards. In snowboarding, having the correct type of board is extremely important. Sometimes pipe, park, or rail snowboards can all be found in the same category as a freestyle snowboard.  If you really want the best setup you will need to figure out what you want to do and what terrain you will be riding on the most. Then, place a snowboard that is specifically made for that snowboarding style under your feet.

Wearing the Right Boots

After you have picked out a snowboard, you will need to choose a pair of snow boots. Snowboarding is 90% done through your feet so the proper footwear is crucial. A great set of boots should not only transfer your foot movement to the board but should also keep both of your feet comfortable and warm; especially when you will be spending long days carving.

Finding Bindings

Bindings, the pieces that keep your boots attached to your board, are also important. Bindings are not as important as your board or your boots, but they do need special attention. Most bindings do just about the same thing, but it is important to get the proper size for yourself. Some bindings are also lighter than other, so it is important to take the terrain that you will be riding on into consideration. If you will be doing a lot of park riding, then purchase bindings that are lighter in weight. If you will be doing a lot of trail or mountain riding, then get bindings that are durable and can withstand whatever you will throw at them.


These are a few pieces of all of the gear that is available to a snowboarder on the market. The snowboarding gear that is usually best for you is whatever fits your body and style well, is comfortable to you, will do what you want it to do, and fits within your budget. Over our years of boarding, we have seen many riders with boards and gear that does not suit them well. Often times, these riders struggle to improve due to these seemingly small factors. There are basic requirements to figuring out whether or not a product fits you but these requirements ultimately depend on your personal preference. We hope that these tips help you next season or whenever you purchase new gear. Remember, having the correct equipment for you is usually better than having the most advanced equipment.