About The Snowboard Forum

The original Snowboard Forum logo

The Snowboard Forum was founded by a group of friends shortly after a 2015 snowboarding trip in Colorado. Over the years, we realized that we have a lot of knowledge to share after multiple years of experience with different action sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. More importantly, we realized the the importance of not only passing on our knowledge to other snowboarders but the importance of also learning during our journey, as we still have a lot to learn about snowboarding and the various cultures that participate in the sport. We wanted to create a platform that would easily allow for us to spread and share our snowboarding experiences outside of the United States. At The Snowboard Forum we aim to build a community of snowboarders across that can teach each other tricks and tips, share their stories, and create experiences with one another.

-TSF Crew